Falling for Fall!

Its the fall season and it’s perfect for a vibrant red, yellow, and orange color scheme. It’s also perfect for decorating with pumpkins, ghosts, and other perfectly cute decorations.

While decorating I decided to do a outside decor and it’s absolutely adorable. I picked up a real hay bail from a local farm. You can pick one up at any farm near you or even make one with fake hay, or you can buy one. If you’d like to mIMG_3602ake one I suggest to look it up on YouTube, Pinterest, or any online source. But I prefer real hay so I didn’t make one, but it’s your choice as well, whatever you like. I picked up some fall decorations at stores like JoAnn Fabrics, they sell outside decorations on the side of fabrics. If you love glitter then JoAnn’s is the place for you. They have adorable pumpkins, bats, scarecrows, ghosts, skulls, everything in cute patterns and glitter. They also have wreaths for great prices.  I prefer real wreaths, This one is actually made. Using grape vines, real leaves, acorns, twigs, pine cones, a glue gun, twine, and ribbon, and if you want foam pumpkins and other decorations, you can make a beautiful wreath with. The grape vines make it extremely easy to mold and craft with and after you tie it together with the twine all you have to do it stick the little decorations and glue it. You can also go to any other store that sells decorations, I prefer JoAnn Fabrics, A.C.Moore, Pier 1, and Michael’s. They always have great sales going on and you can save a lot more money.

Of Course real pumpkins are always a given element to fall decorating, it wouldn’t be fall with out a pumpkin. The flowers are an options, but their colors are always beautiful. Plus theres always something so cheerful about a flower that blooms in the fall when the fall is supposedly meant for the end and the spring the new.

Here’s some more photos of some decorations!

IMG_3605IMG_3606IMG_3614                                                                            IMG_3604


Dacals are wall stickers that can accentuate any boring wall that needs to be brought to life. You can do any kind of design you’d like. You can find them on line at:


You can also buy some at Pier 1, Khol’s and Marshall’s all under $25.

You can even create a design of your own, or insert a picture of your choice. This is great for family portraits. I have some on my walls and they look great and really add some personality to a room.

Here are some of my decals:

IMG_3449 IMG_3452 IMG_3454

You can even frame some if you lease or rent a home and can’t damage the walls, or if you want to move them around.

Show Me the Money!

When shopping for Home Decór know your values. Look online, in catalogs, in the newspaper, where ever. Find places where there are sales going on, and compare prices. If you think something costs a little too much thats because it probably is, don’t be afraid to go to other stores and look at other prices. Always remember that other stores have that item you want, whether it be slightly different, for a less amount of money. Don’t just buy an item without knowing if another store has it for less, you want to save money and get a good bargain.

There are plenty of stores who have sales going on all the time, every weekend.

To name a few:

  • Khol’s
  • Pier 1
  • Marshal’s/ TJ Maxx
  • Bed, Bath, and Beyond

You can find great discounts at these stores and save enough money to decorate your home even more!

You can also use the app or website Retail Me Not. It has amazing coupons for you to use, either online or in store.

The link below:


I don’t highly recommend buying your home decór online, you want to see what your buying, if its worth the price, If it’s good quality, or exactly what it looks like online.

Happy Discounting!

The Start Off!

To start you off on starting your home decór, know your color scheme. You could go with the season, or come up with your own! My color scheme, as of now is; black, white, and silver. I really love this scheme. You can go about it as many ways as you want, you can do print, solid, or accent. With me all the accents are black and white considering my main color is aquamarine blue. You can add any pop of color to any design. Whether it be a blue and tan scheme with pops of orange or red, you can do any color to bring out an entire room. Make sure you’re sure on your color though, some colors don’t mix very well and can seem off putting and undesirable. For example, purple and green. Have you ever seen a wall vibrant purple with green accents? No? Thats what I thought. Purple and green are a combination that is very cartoony and childish and doesn’t create a good mix. Also, green and red, if you were to design a room green and red the room would seem just like Christmas and can become overwhelming. We associate the colors with Christmas and it is acceptable in the Winter during the Holiday season but not year round. Lastly, red, white, and blue. We associate this color with America. If you really wan to do this color scheme but don’t want it to be patriotic, try a teal blue, a ivory white, and a maraschino cherry red, this is a beautiful combination and extremely complimenting of each other. They balance each other out. You’re color scheme should create an equilibrium to create balance, or Feng Shui *pronounced as fuhng shwey* (a topic that will be talked about later in the blog). If you have trouble deciding what colors would look great and compliment one another, try using a color wheel. This could help in incredibly and make deciding a whole lot easier.colorwheel

You can see that the colors are more vibrant on the outer edges but become lighter, and paler as it gets to the center. A number one rule you should remember when creating a color scheme is: White Goes With Everything. You can do any color paired with white. If you want more brilliance and creativity you don’t have to have white in your scheme at all, but just know that it’ll be a lot harder to match and unite the colors together.

When you’re gathering the colors for you’re color scheme have a set limit of colors, never go over 4 colors. Anymore than 4 can make the room become overwhelming and can make you or your guests anxious seeing too many colors at one time. Keep this in mind when decorating and you’re decór will be a hit!

Once you have you’re colors for your color scheme make sure you have a swatch of the colors so that when you start your shopping for decór you know that the colors are right and look good. Your color scheme is the start off to your decorating and after you have it you can start to decorate.